Recently, we helped Mike, Brooke, their two children, and their dog Bodhi buy their dream home after they moved from Florida for Mike’s job after he received a promotion. We loved working closely with them throughout the buying process, and we're proud to be able to serve families like theirs all over the Sacramento area! 

We asked them to share their experience working with the Galster Group, and this is what they said...

What about the buying process surprised you?

The competitiveness of the market for buyers was really surprising to us. It's so helpful to have realtors that are involved throughout the process, and we're happy that Steve and Sue made themselves available during multiple offers. Steve did a great job at keeping us positive! 

Did you have any difficulties during the process?

Moving from Florida and not having much knowledge of the area caused a lot of research on where we wanted to live. Having an experienced realtor that knew the area made it easier to trust that we would find a home that was right for our family. 

What advice would you have for future buyers?

Don’t get discouraged, trust your realtor and sometimes you have to be able to see what a house could be vs. its current state.

What would you like to say about Steve and Sue Galster?

Steve and Sue provided us with the knowledge, commitment, and communication from the first phone call to the final closing signature and that was invaluable to our family!

We were so happy to be able to help Mike and Brooke find the right home for them. Whether you're buying or selling in the Sacramento area, we're here for you

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